This Is My Fest is committed to keeping our scene safe. We ask that you be conscious of your words and actions, aware of those around you, and keep the experience positive for everyone. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, or shitty behavior will be tolerated.

This Is My Fest 4 Artwork & Illustration by peepeehed


This Is My Fest 4 Art Layout and Graphic Design by Shane Hendry


This Is My Fest is a weekend long festival featuring punk music, mostly of the “pop” variety. Based in the East Bay, CA and centered in Oakland, This Is My Fest, or “TIM Fest” for short, is now in its 4th year.

Put simply, it is a labor of love from some kids who want to share some beers, music, and high-fives with their favorite musicians and new friends in their hometown. This Fest has been created with DIY ethics, meant to help a growing music scene and is kept reasonably priced. Each and every single person involved with this fest is an important part of our community, whether they be local or from afar, and share in our ethics and mentality.

The idea of TIMFest spawned from one of the founding members having a house show every year on his birthday. As folks grew out of their punk-houses, and the bands that were used to playing in living rooms began to play clubs and tour the coast, it was clear it was time to make a change. TIMFest 1 took place in 2014 over 3 days, and featured 27 bands. A year later, TIMFest 2 grew considerably, and consisted of 4 nights, 39 bands, and multiple stages at the Saturday and Sunday venues. In year 3, we built on our set-up even further and added a Saturday day show.